Fleet Best Practices for Saving Money at the Pump

Although fuel prices have fallen from the tremendous highs they reached in the past few years, fuel continues to be one of the top expenses facing fleets. In the May 2016 Automotive Fleet, the editors examined the tried-and-true ways to reduce fuel expenses, as well as new technology and out-of-the-box thinking have helped fleets save on fuel costs.

ARI’s Brian Matuszewski, manager of Sustainable Strategies for ARI, said: “My top piece of advice would be to make fuel spend an important business KPI that is tied to both the fleet manager’s performance and drivers’ performance and compensation. Doing so will prompt fleet management stakeholders to address fuel cost reduction strategies more directly.”

Matuszewski also recommended evaluating fuel card data. “Closely looking at fuel card data allows fleet managers to strategically identify potential areas of improvement by seeing how and where excess fuel might be being consumed by the fleet,” he said.

Finally, he noted that although fuel prices are low, fleets should not rule out alternative fuel vehicles. “One of the more interesting techniques I have seen fleets utilize to save fuel is successfully implementing clean technology vehicles in such a way that allows the fleet to meet its job requirements and lower its total cost of ownership. Making clean technology vehicles effective is a great challenge; however, when you can make it work it’s a true win-win situation: good for reducing costs and good for the environment.”

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