Fleet Depreciation Rates Increase in CY-2012

A recent article in Automotive Fleet  shows that fleet depreciation rates increased in calendar-year 2012.  The ongoing strong used-vehicle market continued to benefit commercial fleets by exerting downward pressure on fleet vehicle depreciation rates during calendar-year (CY) 2012.  Bob Graham, vice president, vehicle remarketing for ARI said, “Year-to-date in 2012, vehicle depreciation continued to decrease slightly in comparison to 2011 and 2010. This is attributed to the strong used-vehicle market and lower acquisition costs for better-equipped vehicles.”  Graham also noted, “The strong resale market continues to positively influence overall depreciation for fleet vehicles in 2012. The present short supply of used vehicles, OEM streamlined production schedules to better control surplus inventory, new-vehicle equipment specifications, and overall pricing have all contributed to higher-than-normal resale values.”

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