Fleet Management 2025 Forecast: Fleet License and Title Services

In the next 10 to 15 years, states may begin holding vehicle registrations as leverage to collect unpaid tolls, traffic violations and personal property taxes. This is one of more than a dozen trends highlighted in this Automotive Fleet article.

Melissa Hess, ARI director of licensing and compliance, comments on another emerging trend: the challenges presented by efforts to safeguard individual privacy while remaining compliant with security protections. She said, “The Patriot Act presents new challenges in obtaining licensing information, which means FMCs could become more reliant on customers to gather vehicle information.”

Hess also adds insight related to how increased toll road interoperability will allow states and jurisdictions to increase sharing of toll and violation data and that legislation will allow enforcement of unpaid tolls across state lines in the form of registration renewal blocks, booting, and even the impounding and banning of vehicles on toll roads until outstanding fines are resolved.

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