Fleet Management Advances into the 21st Century

As technology continues to speed forward in Silicon Valley, ARI is making significant advances on the East Coast with efficient fleet management technology. In an article by Fleet Management Weekly, ARI Marketing Manager Peter Nogalo and Director of Client Information Systems Don Woods recently highlighted two ARI pilot programs that are transforming fleet management technology.

Nogalo and Woods first spoke about ARI’s Chat Bot­ –also known as Text Bot— which was launched at the Work Truck Show in March 2018. The Chat Bot sends out alerts and appointments via standard text messaging, cutting down on the time costs of back-and-forth verbal contact that can be strained on the road.

The ARI team also highlight the second pilot project in the Fleet Management Weekly article, the Amazon Alexa app. Now in its first phase, the revolutionary new app allows users to access data through voice interaction, making it accessible to both fleet managers and drivers on the road.

ARI unveiled fleet management’s first-ever Amazon Alexa app at the Best in Fleet conference in Nov. 2017. Woods spoke with Technil.ly Philly last fall following the launch, focusing on the importance of efficiency related to Alexa technology.