Fleet Management – Driving America’s Business Productivity

In a recently published article, Forbes looks into the many factors that today’s fleet managers are faced with.  In the modern business environment, fleet managers must consider a number of individual variables: “specifying, acquiring and maintaining the vehicles; finding skilled drivers and technicians; coordinating efficient delivery routes and schedules; dealing with volatile economic conditions and rising fuel prices; and working with limited capital—all while keeping up with evolving technologies and government regulations, minimizing financial exposure, maximizing flexibility and generally doing more with less.”  Fleet management companies offer the expertise and custom solutions so businesses can focus on their core competencies.

ARI President, Carl Ortell, describes how an outsourced fleet management option  brings tremendous value to organizations trying to reduce the overall cost of running a fleet. ““We look to partner with our customers and  figure out where their initial pain points are. Maybe maintenance costs are out of control and they don’t know what to do. We’ll start with that.  By doing this—understanding our customers’ businesses and the challenges they are facing, and providing solutions that meet those challenges – we’ve grown our business …We believe that outsourcing is really the best way to go today and in the future if you want to drive down your total cost of operating a fleet.”

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