Fleet Technology Identifies Preventable Costs

What does your ROI look like when you’re overlooking preventable costs associated with running your fleet vehicles? You may have pickups, vans and trucks that are bringing in income and keeping customers happy, but if your fleet vehicles are also wasting fuel and getting unnecessary maintenance, you’re not seeing the big picture.

ARI Director of Customer Information Systems Don Woods tells Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine that fleet management software can use real-time data and measurements to help fleet managers identify what is causing increasing costs.

Here are some common hidden costs that are avoidable:

• Skipping regular servicing causes tire and repair costs to be higher than if the vehicle was serviced on time.
• Companies without strict policies for fuel card usage experience higher fuel costs than necessary.
• Vehicles that idle too much experience higher fuel and maintenance expenses.
• Vehicles that are operated past their useful life cost more in maintenance than they contribute to the fleet.

Fortunately, solutions are available for you to analyze the Big Data produced by your fleet’s day-to-day operations, identify trends and implement cost reduction initiatives. The latest voice-based technology is even available to deliver fleet statics to you on demand. Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Magazine recently featured the Alexa app for fleet management in its New Product Technology Showcase.

Learn more ways to track downtime and driver productivity in ARI’s free white paper.