Ford Recalls 2015 F-Super Duty

Ford Motor Company is conducting a voluntary safety recall of certain 2015 F-Super Duty Trucks equipped with a 6.2L Gas or 6.7L Diesel engine and automatic transmission. Some of the affected vehicles may be undelivered and must be repaired prior to delivery.

During certain shift maneuvers in affected vehicles, it is possible for the transmission to temporarily engage reverse gear when the shifter is moved from “Park” to “Drive”. If this occurs, the transmission will apply reverse torque to the wheels for up to 1.5 seconds while the shifter is in “Drive”, increasing the risk of unintended vehicle movement.

Ford will notify owners of affected in-service vehicles, instructing them to schedule a service appointment with their dealership. To remedy this condition, dealers will reprogram the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) to the latest calibration at no charge to the customer.

Please contact your ARI or Ford representative if you have any questions or concerns.