Guessing on whether to lease or buy fleet vehicles?

Investment decisions and the allocation of capital impact nearly every aspect of business operations. When these decisions pertain to acquiring new fleet vehicles, the most important factor to consider is how these assets will contribute to the sustained success and growth of the business.

Additional factors to consider include how these acquisitions will impact your company’s capital or cash flow; how will these units impact your company’s goals—both short- and long-term; what is the most beneficial way to allocate your available capital–cash purchase, lease or financing, and finally, is it important for your organization to diversify financing sources?

Chris Hurren, Holman Executive Group executive vice president and CFO, says the answers to these questions will ultimately help you clarify the lease versus purchase decision. Technology uncovers the true cost of ownership for each acquisition scenario by transforming historical data into actionable information. Through this, leasing often emerges as a more attractive option.

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