Holistic Automotive Solutions for the Road Ahead

Without question, the automotive sector as a whole is in the midst of a truly remarkable evolution: Trends such as electrification, connectivity, and shared mobility are rapidly changing the landscape of the industry. Along with these exciting innovations comes a number of challenges as well as significant opportunities for both businesses and consumers.

Fortunately, Holman’s unique perspective on the fleet sector and visibility to the automotive industry as a whole allows our organization to remain agile. It also gives us the opportunity to leverage our unique collection of core competencies to help our customers navigate these complex challenges and capitalize on opportunities as they arise.

Recently, Bob White, President, Fleet & Mobility, spoke with Fleet Management Weekly to share his perspective on the future of our industry and discuss the road ahead for our global automotive organization. In the article, Bob highlights how we continue to align and maximize the natural synergies of our various businesses to deliver a unique value proposition to our customers.

Additionally, Bob touched on some of the key trends in the industry, including ongoing supply constraints, which is top-of-mind for many fleet stakeholders and remains a particular area of focus for Holman and our customers as we work to stay ahead of these disruptions. Bob also explained why favorable interest rates present a significant opportunity for fleet operators, and how a growing number of organizations are capitalizing on these historic lows to increase financial flexibility.

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