Is Big Data Working for You?

Big Data is a big buzzword in business these days, but do you really know how to make it more than just information on a screen? That’s the struggle that many in the world of fleet face: taking the data accumulated across a myriad of vehicles and thousands of miles and making it a reliable part of a business strategy.

It seems overwhelming, but ARI’s Director of Customer Information Services Don Woods says that proper planning makes all the difference. Woods recently shared his four easy steps to harnessing the power of Big Data in an article with Electric Energy Online.

Woods breaks down how to navigate the thousands of pieces of fleet data generated by a wide range of issues, including maintenance problems, driver errors and vehicle downtime. By clearly defining your business objectives, setting realistic and achievable goals, outlining clear reasons for cost increases and creating a plan for the future, Woods notes that you can chart your Big Data more effectively and establish a pattern for the future.

Find more information on how to successfully utilize Big Data in ARI’s free whitepaper.