John Hart Shares How Auto Truck Continues to Adapt to COVID-19

In a matter of a few short weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally altered the landscape of our industry. With everyone’s health and safety the top priority, the entire automotive sector came to a virtual standstill for several months. We’ve used this time to to develop a road map as an industry to help us navigate the road ahead together. And while this crisis is unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lifetime and not yet over, the way organizations continue to adapt and respond will endure long after we overcome this current challenge.

Recently, Vice President of Operations John Hart spoke with Work Truck to discuss how Auto Truck Group adjusted in the face of the pandemic by prioritizing the well-being of our personnel and continuing to leverage Holman’s core automotive competencies to support our customers with creative solutions.

“Fortunately, our leadership across the automotive industry allows us to pivot quickly and address supply chain challenges for our customers during this period of uncertainty,” noted John. “The diversity of the Holman organization, including ARI’s supply chain expertise and Kargo Master’s manufacturing capabilities, helps us mitigate a number of factors even in times of uncertainty. Auto Truck, ARI, and our customers continue to work collaboratively to minimize supply chain delays and develop alternate plans for navigating any pandemic challenges that do arise.”

In the article, John also offers some advice for fleet stakeholders working to manage disruptions in the supply chain.

“The best advice I can offer fleet managers is to remain focused on the long-term view,” said John. “Having a well-developed, strategic replacement schedule and adhering to it as closely as possible (given the current circumstances) is the best way to minimize disruptions and ensure business continuity.”

Finally, John shared how Auto Truck is poised to adopt much of what we’ve learned during the pandemic to emerge as an even stronger organization moving forward.

“While it’s an adjustment for all of us, we will also uncover valuable solutions,” said John. “For example, our sales team recently completed a vehicle pilot review remotely. Additionally, our engineering team has reviewed a number of body designs remotely with our customers, using advanced technology to get immediate feedback to help keep production on schedule.”

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