Keeping an Eye on Safety Leads to Big Savings

Simply hoping for the best isn’t the best approach to business planning. This is especially true for your fleet safety plan to help prevent potential accidents.

Rich Radi, Director of Product Management for ARI, knows this all too well. In a recent block for Food & Drink Magazine, Rich pointed to the statistics behind annual accident costs while also shedding light on the cost-saving measures that can help significantly reduce your accident loss.

According to the Occupational and Safety Health Administration, companies across the country spend $60 billion a year on accident-related costs. That includes the costs directly associated with vehicle damage and insurance, but also litigation and publicity costs.

In his blog, Rich broke down the importance of being proactive in your driver safety strategy. By recognizing dangerous driving habits and using telematics to break down your high-risk areas of improvement, Rich explains how easy it is to create real and impactful changes in your driver safety future.

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