Know How the New Accounting Standards Impact Your Business

Do you know which accounting standard applies to your company, IASB or FASB? Or, which data points are required for calculations under the applicable standard? How about understanding the accounting information you currently possess? If you were unable to answer any of the questions above, now is the time to work with your accounting and finance teams to be prepared for the upcoming accounting changes going into effect later this year.

To make sense of it all, ARI’s Vice President of Finance Paul Azores recently shared what you can do to be prepared with Food & Drink International magazine. When you have a clear understanding of how these accounting standards affect leased assets, you power your fleet vehicle leasing decisions to position you for future success.

If these new accounting standards leave you scratching your head, learn the latest leasing strategies for your fleet and which methods are most advantageous. This way you will become better prepared to finance your fleet capital spend in the future.