Lead Rightsizing Decisions with Discussion, but End on the Data

Like the saying, “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar,” you can make fleet rightsizing easier on everybody by communicating with internal customers about changes rather than communicating at them.

In a recent Utility Fleet Professional article, “Collaboration is Key When Rightsizing Your Fleet,” ARI Vice President of Global Strategic Services Charlie Guthro suggests that communication and collaboration are as important as data to fleet management strategies, such as rightsizing.

When determining the right kinds of vehicles, the right kinds of equipment for your vehicles, and the right number of vehicles for your fleet, Guthro says, “…it’s ultimately about communication.”

Guthro’s advice is that you need to work with the vehicle operators to understand how their vehicle preferences impact TCO and with the finance team to understand how the fleet budget reflects the fleet’s value, and so forth. He recommends your approach should be, “We’re not here to do things to you, but for you, and we want you to be involved.”

If in the end you find yourself at odds with others in your company over rightsizing, analyzing data will allow you to collaborate with internal customers on decisions based on evidence rather than anecdotes.