Leveraging Holman’s Core Competencies to Deliver a Holistic Solution

For many organizations, fleet is an essential tool for conducting business. This concept seems simple at first – your drivers use company vehicles to make customers happy. However, as the complexity of vehicles and technology increases, managing all the associated data, fleet best practices, and collaboration among your vendor partners is equally complicated and time-consuming.

What if you had a strategic partner who could leverage an unsurpassed range of automotive knowledge and core competencies to deliver a holistic, single-source commercial solution for your business? This is the unique value proposition of Holman Business Services and a growing number of organizations are embracing the value of our core competencies to help simplify their complex automotive challenges.

In a recent interview with Fleet Management Weekly, Holman Business Services’ President and CEO Chris Conroy shared his perspective on the distinct value proposition that the combination of ARI, Auto Truck Group, and Holman Parts Distribution offers fleet operators. During the interview, Chris explains how each organization’s core competencies complement and amplify one another to ultimately deliver simplified, centralized solutions for the evolving automotive needs of our customers.

Be sure to watch Chris’ entire interview below and take a closer look at the value of our core competencies and how Holman Business Services can help solve your organizational challenges.