Making sure delivery fleets are aligning volume with frequency

If you manage a delivery fleet, customers are using up-to-the-minute delivery tracking to keep their eyes on your fleet efficiency and optimization strategy 24/7. Are you living up to their expectations while also controlling costs?

ARI Business Intelligence and Analytics Manager Ed Powell tells readers of Autosphere how to redefine essential deliveries.

He says it’s about looking at the big picture of all the data to make an informed decision, starting with your pre-pandemic performance (stops, fuel, routes, and maintenance). Combine that with staff knowledge of how the people and the vehicles are working together.

Also, conversations with your customers can help you align delivery volume with frequency – in other words, make the trip worth the cost to get you there and back. Cost savings could be a customer’s reward for their flexibility.

Fewer trips could mean fewer miles on the vehicles, lower fuel costs, and in some cases, fleets could potentially restructure their leases to save on monthly fixed expenses.

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