Making The Most Of Fleet Data

In a recently publish article, Field Technologies Magazine explores how Southern States Cooperative is partnering with ARI to improve fleet utilization, decrease fuel spend, and gain greater insights into off-road fuel tax reporting. Thurman Register, fleet administrator at Southern States said, “Part of what ARI does for us is to go out into the market and make recommendations on fleet solutions. ARI not only recommended NetworkFleet, they also agreed to build a centralized dashboard and management tool that would connect the disparate fleet solutions, giving Southern States companywide fleet visibility.” ARI provides a central view of the vehicles using the NetworkFleet system via its data integration service so Southern States can monitor and analyze operations. ARI also developed a series of customized reports that the company uses to determine the utilization of the fleet.

Register says. “Through the use of ARI’s custom reporting, dashboards and alerts combined with the telematics solutions in place, I am provided the in-depth data to analyze our fleet operation where underutilized vehicles, onboard vehicle diagnostics, fuel efficiencies, safety, and excessive costs can be quickly identified and measures put in place to monitor and remedy out-of-compliance situations. Through the use of the data collection and analysis, we are able to make quick, informed, and precise business decisions, reducing costs and increasing the safety and production of our fleet.”


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