Marketers Get Help Managing Fleet Headaches

ARI was recently featured in an article by Butane-Propane News. The article illustrates how ARI is currently helping Superior Plus Energy Services and Como Oil & Propane manage their complex truck fleet. Superior Plus director of business development Bruce Ruppert has seen how ARI can help a propane company manage its fleet headaches. Superior Plus began a pilot program with ARI in March 2013 to manage maintenance for a small portion of its fleet in New England. That was successful enough for Superior Plus to add the program to its New York and Pennsylvania locations toward the end of last year.

ARI also manages the vehicle maintenance for Como Oil & Propane. Jim Olson, Como’s director of safety, compliance, and asset management, said “The main issue is managing our repairs, maintenance, and tracking all the data in real time.” Through ARI’s web-based fleet management system, ARIinsights®, Olson can create detailed reports, with the ability to sort by repair item such as brake jobs. He can see which of his company’s divisions might be harder on the equipment than others, and he can also review cost per mile by division, company-wide, or by vehicle.

Although Ruppert and Olson use only a few of the services, they are sold on the concept of propane marketers using a fleet management company. “I think you will see this gain more popularity in the next couple of years as people see the true benefits of it,” Ruppert noted.

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