Mercedes-Benz Revises Ordering Deadlines

Ordering deadlines for multiple 2014 Mercedes-Benz models have been accelerated, some by more than two months.

Orders for the following models should be placed as soon as possible, or by no later than 12:00 noon two business days prior to the manufacturer deadline to allow time for processing and spec verification.

Mercedes-Benz Model Revised Ordering Deadline Previous Ordering Deadline
CLS-Class 5/15/14 8/1/14
E-Class 6/15/14 8/1/14
E-Class Wagon 6/15/14 8/1/14
E-Coupe 6/15/14 8/1/14
E-Cabrio 6/15/14 8/1/14

Order banks for the following 2014 Mercedes-Benz models closed earlier than anticipated; these models are no longer available for ordering: G-Class, M-Class and SL-Class.

Please reach out to your ARI representative with any questions, or you need assistance with your selectors.