Newest Capabilities in the ARI insights® System: Alarm Subscriptions

The ARI insights® fleet management system features over 100 alerts and key performance indicators (KPIs) that fleet managers can use to run their fleet. To make it easier for current clients to keep track of the information most important to them, ARI recently unveiled an advanced notification method for alarms and dashboard alerts called Alarm Subscriptions.

Alarm subscriptions include:

  • Drivers Missing Fringe Mileage
  • FleetTrak Cases Pending
  • Accidents in Last 7 Days
  • MVRs Requested
  • Violation Exceptions
  • Registration not Renewed
  • Open Maintenance POs
  • Overdue PMs
  • Repairs Awaiting Authorization
  • Orders Awaiting Approval
  • Stock Purchase(s) Pending Approval
  • Vehicles Towed from Last Day

To learn more about the ARI insights system, including a demo of the system functionality, contact ARI today.

Current clients interested in the Alarm Subscription functionality can contact the Customer Information System (CIS) department at 844-274-4435 or