On The Precipice of a Transformation: fleetdigest Examines ARI’s Vision for the Future of Fleet

The future of transportation sits on the cusp of a transformation. Innovations such as autonomous vehicles, ridesharing and on-demand vehicle subscription services are poised to disrupt the entire automotive landscape and in turn, the fleet management industry.

In a recent article published by fleetdigest, Rick Tousaw, senior vice president and general manager, ARI Canada details our strategic focus on investment in three key areas – innovation, intelligence and infrastructure – that will allow ARI to help guide the future of fleet for our clients as well as the industry as a whole.

“We’re fully aware that our industry is facing significant changes, perhaps unlike any time in our history,” says Tousaw. “Our challenge is to not only react to those changes, but to get in front of them and, in some cases, actually shape them.”

The article examines how ARI is making significant investments today to capitalize on these changes and prepare for the challenges on the horizon. To read the entire article, please visit fleetdigest and to learn more about ARI’s on-going investments that are integral to helping our fleet management customers achieve best-in-class operations, click here.