Operational Insight & Collaboration Key to Rightsizing Initiatives

For most organizations, your fleet operations impact – and support – nearly all aspects of your business, making a meaningful contribution to your company’s success. An efficient, cost-effective fleet allows your employees to visit more clients, conduct scheduled service appointments in a timely manner, or add one more stop to your delivery route each day. As businesses continue to rethink the way they approach fleet in an effort to enhance their revenue-generating capabilities, a growing number of organizations are exploring various rightsizing initiatives to further maximize productivity and control operating costs.

In a recent article with Utility Fleet Professional, ARI’s Ed Powell offers his insight and advice for organizations that are considering a fleet rightsizing project. Ed highlights the value of having a complete understanding of how fleet vehicles are being used on a daily basis to support your company, and how that insight can influence your strategy. He also emphasizes that you need to be mindful of how your business may evolve or shift over time when considering various rightsizing scenarios.

Ed also notes that it is important to keep in mind that rightsizing isn’t just a fleet project, it’s an overall business project, and you need to secure buy-in from fleet stakeholders throughout your organization – procurement, operations, management, etc. “Collaboration is key. Try to be as hands on as possible and involve all your fleet stakeholders (especially frontline employees) to avoid a disconnect of what looks good on paper and how it is actually being used in the field.”

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