Predict and Prevent with a Data-Driven Maintenance Strategy

Your fleet vehicles are much more than just trucks and vans; they’re complex tools that play a critical role in serving your customers. To keep your company moving forward and to ensure your fleet is ready to drive revenue, your maintenance program needs to go beyond simply managing day-to-day transactions.

Recently, ARI’s Joe Smith spoke with Work Truck, offering his advice for developing a comprehensive maintenance management strategy that’s built on analytics and highlighting how a proactive approach to maintenance will help you transcend the traditional “break and fix” model. In the series of articles, Joe stresses the importance of clearly defining your goals and objectives before beginning to build the framework of your maintenance strategy.

Joe also provides some guidance for fleet operators who may be looking to refine or update their maintenance program but notes that you should avoid trying to make too many adjustments all at once.

Joe goes on to explain how powerful analytics tools can help you better understand your fleet’s performance and evolve your strategy to a more proactive “predict and prevent” methodology that further minimizes operating costs and eliminates downtime.

It is also important to keep in mind that your maintenance program is just one facet of effectively managing your fleet as a strategic business asset. By embracing a holistic mindset that manages the continuous lifecycle of your vehicles – buy, drive, service, and sell – you can ensure your maintenance program is in sync with and supports each of these areas, keeping your vehicles on the road supporting your business.

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