Predictive analytics empowers positive change by avoiding negative outcomes

Predictive analytics enables fleet managers to use current performance data to make better decisions for the future. You can achieve greater budget control by accurately determining which vehicles will experience the same issues as the ones in the shop today, how long it will take to get them back on the road and how much the downtime will cost your company.

The recent Work Truck article, “6 Tips to Understand & Leverage Predictive Analytics,” is the second in a two-part series that includes the insight of Greg Raven, ARI director of business intelligence and analytics. Raven explains in the article how predictive analytics “helps to determine why something is happening and more importantly, how to prevent it.”

Identifying trends, taking action to avoid past mistakes and thereby reducing operating expenses are outcomes of using predictive analytics. If you didn’t catch part one of the series, don’t miss, “4 Data Points You Don’t Want to Miss.”