Recovering More Value for Your Specialized Commercial Vehicles

Today, best-in-class fleet operators manage their fleet as a strategic business asset; one that plays a critical role in serving your customers and driving revenue. And in order to maximize their fleet investment, they embrace a holistic mindset that carefully manages costs throughout each phase of the vehicle’s lifecycle – buy, drive, service, and sell.

But while many fleet operators typically have a comprehensive strategy in place for the acquisition of new vehicles, disposing on these units at the end of their useful lifecycle is often treated as an afterthought. Instead, your acquisition and disposal strategy should be seamlessly intertwined; particularly when it comes to complex vocational vehicles with extensive upfitting and equipment.

In addition to examining the benefits of adopting a holistic approach to the design and acquisition of vocational trucks and vans, Work Truck’s recent in-depth special report also explored best practices for remarketing these sophisticated units. In the article, ARI’s Chris Clarke highlights the key considerations you need to keep in mind when selling units with complex upfitting and also offers some tips to help ensure you maximize returns at the end of the vehicle’s lifecycle.

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