Red Hawk Got Through to its Drivers and Reduced Accident Costs by $1 Million

After you realize that telling drivers “watch your speed” and “don’t tailgate” doesn’t register with them, what’s next? In 2015, ARI helped Red Hawk Fire & Security reduce vehicle accidents and drop its liability costs by moving to safety training modules and a driver scorecard program. In a recent article published by Fleet Financials Magazine: Red Hawk Fire & Security Bolsters its Safety Program,” Blair Schober, U.S. Fleet Manager for Red Hawk, discusses how the company’s safety issues have nearly dissipated and reveals some spill-over benefits that it wasn’t expecting.

To achieve the desired safety goals, Red Hawk and ARI put together a two-pronged approach. First, the company established an online library of safety training modules. This included a custom module based on Red Hawk’s own company-specific fleet policy.

Red Hawk drivers had to review and agree to the policy, which also defined the drivers’ liability in accident cases. Then all drivers completed a set of five mandatory safety modules with subjects ranging from crash avoidance to overall fleet policies. The type and amount of additional modules Red Hawk assigned to drivers afterwards depended on each driver.

The second aspect of the approach, the ARI Driver Scorecard®, helped Red Hawk proactively identify and address poor driving behavior. The Scorecard was populated by vehicle telematics data. When poor driving behavior was detected, the system notified Red Hawk’s fleet team and assigned the relevant driver training module to the driver. The Scorecard also tracked accidents, ‘how’s my driving’ phone calls, and motor vehicle records.

After adding the training modules and the Scorecard to their accident management practices, Red Hawk’s liability costs dropped by more than $1 million. This was a direct result of the decrease in both preventable accidents and the cost per accident.

“I didn’t expect us to save as much as we did. Being able to save as much as we did really opened our eyes, not only of myself as being directly involved in fleet and overseeing the claims, but also senior management,” said Schober.

To read a full case study on Red Hawk’s experience, visit: Driver Safety and Accident Management.