Six Methods to Improve Driver Safety and Reduce Employer Risk and Liability

Most successful organizations have a safety program in place to ensure employees have a safe work environment. Those policies, however, do not always extend to a company’s vehicles, even though motor vehicle crashes are the number-one cause of occupational fatalities.

In the October 2015 issue of Field Technologies, ARI’s Director of Driver Excellence® Rich Radi authored an article, “Six Technologies to Reduce Employer Risk and Liability,” wherein he emphasized that extending a workplace safety program to motor vehicle drivers is crucial for improving employee safety and identified six steps a fleet can do take to help employers reduce crashes, risk, and liability:

  • Test drivers on vehicle policy comprehension
  • Implement a driver skills assessment program
  • Offer driver training tailored to each driver’s needs and weaknesses
  • Review the motor vehicle records of your drivers on a regular basis
  • Adopt a telematics program and proactively consider the data to determine where improvements can be made
  • Consider using a customized driver scorecard that allows you to see all of your fleet and driver data in one place

To read the full article, click here (free registration required); you can also visit ARI Perspective, where the article was republished..