Standardizing Vehicle Specs to Slash Fleet Costs

In a recently published article, Automotive Fleet discusses the benefits of standardized vehicle specs on a fleet’s bottom line. Spec standardization is a strategy that identifies the fewest number of vehicle configurations that can meet the requirements of the widest range of business divisions and branches within an organization. Automotive Fleet identified simplified ordering, increased buying power and consolidated parts inventory as just a few benefits of standardizing vehicle specs.

Mike DeCesare, national truck sales manager for ARI, describes how standardizing vehicle specs led to significant savings for a client with 28 selectors. “We studied the business, talked to the drivers, and were able to uncover opportunities to reduce the 28 vehicle configurations down to 12 common specs, with a few additional options we could add on. We were able to cut the company upfit cost, on average, by $500 per vehicle … when you’re ordering 700 vehicles per year, it adds up pretty quickly.”

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