Staying Ahead of the Seasons with a Winterized Fleet

It may seem like summer just ended, but the winter weather is right around the corner. And while snowstorms may not be on the forecast today, your fleet needs to be prepared for inclement weather that comes with the fall and winter seasons.

How do you weatherize your fleets so that your vehicles and drivers are prepared for these harsh operating conditions?

ARI’s Vice President of Global Strategic Services Charlie Guthro is always thinking ahead. He recently spoke with Utility Fleet Professional about the importance of managing your fleet so it is in peak condition when the dangerous weather arrives. In the article, Charlie breaks down the four key pillars behind a well-run fleet: buy right, repair right, replace right and drive right.

“This methodology, especially regarding your capital investment strategy, puts your organization in the best position to operate safe and reliable equipment,” said Charlie, in his interview.

Charlie also stressed the need for preventative winter maintenance, to turn your break-and-fix model into a predict-and-prevent structure. Learn more about safe winter driving with our helpful list of tips and preparations.