Stitch Together Your Data to Know What to Do Next

Typically, when you have a question about your fleet, you have to query and run reports. Existing technology produces search results that are often times overwhelming and impossible to provide recommendations. All of your fuel, maintenance and remarketing data is found in its own bucket without really interacting with each other to provide actionable outcomes.

However, by incorporating statistical analyses to coincide with these Big Data reports, results are delivered with pinpoint accuracy and specific reasons as to why certain items are contributing to higher costs to your fleet result. ARI’s Bill Powell, Director of Enterprise Architecture recently shared with Fleet Management Weekly the benefits that can happen when your disparate information from maintenance, fuel and remarketing comes together through the ARI Fleet Health Card™.

Instead of concentrating on the entire fleet’s data to try to determine cost outliers, you can easily identify the vehicles that have the biggest impact on cost and reliability. You can now manage the most expensive outliers to make proactive changes and improve the financial health of the fleet and the entire organization.