Succeeding in Safety Leads to a Brighter Business Future

You aim to be safe in all aspects of your company, especially when it comes to your fleet and drivers. When you look to the driver statistics, it’s important to make safety a priority.

According to an Occupational Safety and Health Administration report, motor vehicle crashes cost employers around $60 billion every year. Twenty percent of the average fleet will be involved in an accident annually. So how do you take those stats and turn them into actionable solutions for your business?

ARI’s Rich Radi, the Director of Driver Excellence, broke down the statistics behind driver safety in a recent issue of Oilman Magazine. In his column, Rich explains that driver crashes lead to many hidden costs, including increased insurance premiums, loss of vehicle value and publicity expenses. Those costs can be avoided with a proactive safety program that stops accidents in their tracks and continuously educates drivers.

Rich presents the many benefits of a real-time driver safety policy for your business, and breaks down the important keys to consider when reshaping your program for the future. You can also find a full and detailed report on driver safety in our recording of our August 2018 webinar, hosted by Rich and Field Technologies.