Success Story: How ARI Transforms Data from Merely Insightful to Truly Impactful

According to our own study, the number of data points a 300 vehicle fleet generates in one year is staggering: roughly 1,254 pieces of maintenance data, over 30,000 pieces of fuel data, and the number jumps to more than 15 million different pieces of data when telematics solutions are added to the fleet. Without a tactical plan to harness the power of this data, you will end up with a lot of numbers but no real results.

ARI recognized a need to help our clients move their fleet data from merely insightful to truly impactful. In order to do this, ten years ago we began investing heavily into technology – more than 25 percent of our operating budget year over year, in fact. One of the main initiatives behind this focused investment included incorporating the SAP HANA® and SAP Leonardo platforms into our technology strategy.

The SAP HANA data warehouse allows all of your fleet information to be consolidated into one place, giving ARI a digital edge when it comes to data integration. SAP Leonardo pulls all this data together to generate reports in just a few seconds. This transforms your data into a true business strategy that allows ARI to build tailor-made solutions for you.

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