Survey Shows Biggest Public Fleet Concern is Vehicle Replacement Funds

A recent policy and procedure benchmark study conducted by ARI found the biggest challenge facing government fleet managers today is obtaining capital funds for vehicle replacements.  Cheryl Graham, ARI’s business development manager – state and government said, “In a time when all fleets are facing tight budget constraints, it’s not a surprise that obtaining funds for vehicle replacements is a big challenge.  One solution for them is to right size their fleets, which involves completing a utilization study and functional analysis to ensure the appropriate vehicles are assigned to areas where need is greatest.”

Another notable statistic is regarding policy and safety. ARI, which provides fleet management services to many private and public sector fleets, found that generally government fleets do not have the same policy controls in place as do private fleets. Only 38 percent of public fleets surveyed said they required a signature of acknowledgement upon receiving a fleet policy, while 45 percent don’t require it and 17 percent have no policy at all.
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