Sustainable Fleet Solutions: The Art of the Possible

Date: June 17, 2021
Time: 2:00pm to 2:45pm EDT
Location: Webinar

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What You’ll Learn

Sustainability, de-carbonization, and corporate social responsibility are growing in relevance in virtually every organization, often at the highest levels. And just as often, one of the first places corporate leaders will look to achieve their sustainability mandates is fleet.

That puts fleet professionals in a unique and highly visible position to drive change. Of course, with high visibility can come high risk. Balancing operational fleet goals with new sustainability mandates can be challenging. Managing that balance is what some call “the art of the possible.”

In this session, learn how to artfully balance mandates by establishing near, medium, and longer-term fleet sustainability goals with available technology, while preparing for new ones, and engaging with stakeholders throughout the process.

Key Topics:

  • Hear about fleet applicable Electric Vehicles and their product pipeline
  • Learn how to integrate EV’s into your current fleet program
  • Understand the physical infrastructure and administrative requirements of an EV program
  • Prepare stakeholders, including executives and drivers as to what is possible and when
  • Hear clear tactics to drive sustainability today with existing ICE technology
  • Understand the role of telematics in supporting sustainability

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