Tailoring Your Safety Strategy on a Global Scale

With a growing number of companies conducting business on a global scale, tailoring fleet operations to meet unique cross-border challenges can certainly be difficult. Depending on your regions of operations, your fleet may be driving within different governmental policies, eco conservation systems, and even on different sides of the road. So how do you build a comprehensive accident management policy that accounts for the many intricacies that come with running business internationally?

International Fleet World recently ran a story on the benefits of proactive accident management strategy. The magazine spoke with ARI’s Fleet Maintenance Manager Ken Costello about the challenges often associated with accident management on a global scale. Ken highlighted the importance of having a strong understanding of each operating region when developing accident management solutions across multiple countries and continents.

The key to diversifying your global safety strategy, Ken said, is to study each individual country—including laws, regulations and the types of vehicles on the roads—and then customize your management solution around those parameters.

“For the majority of organizations, the most feasible and economical strategy is to partner with a fleet management company who is able to provide a global accident management solution that can be tailored to address the unique challenges of each country in which their fleet operates,” said Ken in the article.

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