Target data that aligns your fleet with your mission

With so much vehicle data coming in daily from your truck fleet, how do you decide which information is just what you need to make decisions that will produce quality and cost efficient results? You can start to pinpoint this by first determining how your company fleet supports your company mission.

In part one of a two-part article published by Automotive Fleet, How to Better Understand Data in Truck Fleets, ARI Director of Business Intelligence and Analytics Greg Raven contributes what he believes to be the top three areas for targeting fleet data: vehicle replacement rate, preventive maintenance compliance, and fuel efficiency.

He suggests that fleet managers can leverage this performance data to determine the optimal vehicle age for their fleets and to rely on those in the industry who understand data analytics the best.

“A key role of a fleet management company is to help fleet managers understand what the key metrics are for their individual fleets and how they can drive meaningful business improvements. You don’t just want information from your fleet management company, you want knowledge and insight too,” said Raven.

Learn more from Raven by watching ARI’s recent webinar on an innovative annual replacement methodology that flattens capital expenses and makes variable operating costs more predictable and consistent.