Telematics Management: Data Overload

The February 2016 issue of Fleet Digest featured a special telematics and software supplement highlighting the latest trends and best practices. The article “Management: Data Overload,” discussed how fleets can effectively manage the large volume of data that telematics devices can return.

ARI’s Lou Vella, assistant manager of new product development at ARI, noted that a telematics solution may monitor a broad range of metrics, but a fleet doesn’t have to put all those numbers to work immediately. “Take proactive measurements against the things you said you were going to focus on. If you try to address all of them, you’re going to spread yourself too thin.” Data overload, says Vella, is not about collecting too much data, but trying to use it all. To read the full story, click the link below.

Fleet Digest Feb 2016 Data Overload