The ARI Driver Excellence Program Saves Red Hawk Fire & Safety $1 Million

The one-of-a-kind technology driven driver safety solution helped the company see a measurable decline in accident rates.

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ (December 7, 2016) – In a newly published case study, ARI® – a leading global fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets – is sharing how it worked with Red Hawk Fire & Security to drastically reduce accident rates and liability costs using real-time technology to monitor driver behavior on an ongoing basis and identify at-risk drivers before accidents occur. The case study details how Red Hawk worked with ARI and saw a 68 percent drop in the number of accidents year over year and saved $1 million in liability costs.

Red Hawk partnered with ARI in 2014 with an interest in lowering their accident rates. They were seeking a solution that would not only track and report the on-road activities of their drivers, but would also provide both proactive and corrective action if needed for their drivers.

“Our goal is to have our drivers get home safe and sound, the same way they arrived,” said Blair Schober U.S. fleet manager for Red Hawk.

Under the ARI Driver Excellence® program, they were able to deploy a two-pronged approach that met all of their goals and delivered meaningful results. First, they required all of their drivers to complete a series of mandatory training modules, including an online test of their fleet safety policy. The results of the training were included as part of the driver’s annual performance review and those who did well were recognized. Second, Red Hawk implemented a robust telematics program to allow them to identify and work to correct poor driver behavior before an accident ever occurred. Using ARI’s specialized suite of solutions, Red Hawk was able to categorize drivers and assign appropriate training according to the behavior that needed to be improved.

Since partnering with ARI in 2014, Red Hawk has seen their liability costs cut by more than $1 million. This is a result of the decrease in the number of preventable accidents as well as a decrease in the cost per incident when they do unfortunately occur. The company also experienced a 68 percent drop in the number of accidents and a decrease of over 50 percent in both the number of claims filed and the amount paid in settlements. Red Hawk’s drivers have embraced the new program, which ensures they have all the available information and tools to safely drive from job to job.

“Our partnership with Red Hawk Fire & Security is a great example of how effective our proactive approach to driver safety can be,” said Rich Radi, director of the ARI Driver Excellence program. He emphasized that the success Red Hawk experienced is due to their dedicated focus on providing a safer future for their drivers.

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