The Dangers of Not Focusing on Driver Safety

In today’s employee market, it’s important to build a culture that keeps your team happy and functioning with ease. That is especially true when you have your employees out on the road and operating fleet vehicles, posing new risks with every job. Once your drivers are behind the wheel their focus is rarely just on the road, especially when tasked with monitoring GPS coordinates, incoming calls, emails, and text messages alongside schedules that only seem to get busier with technology. In the midst of a buzzing work culture, safety can be left in the dust.

How can you build a company culture that keeps your employees engaged with driver safety? That was the question ARI’s Director of Product Management Rich Radi was asked to answer when he spoke with International Fleet World in a recent article about the importance of driver safety training.

Rich broke down the stats around employee vehicle crashes, pointing out that accidents cost employers in the United States upwards of $60 billion every year. “These expenses typically include direct costs such as medical bills and vehicle repairs as well as potentially significant indirect costs such as legal expenses, increased insurance premiums and lost productivity, said Rick. “These indirect costs are often a challenge to identify and even more difficult to measure, but still affect your organization’s day-to-day operations and bottom line.”

Rich said that these expenses can be mitigated with the use of a proper driver safety plan that reduces collisions and downtime.

By building a dedicated driver safety plan, you are able to avoid the costs around inaction, and can build a culture that encourages continued development. Rich also explained how a fleet’s telematics program can help create benchmarks for driver performance, which allows fleet managers to identify high-risk drivers and solve the problem before it really begins.

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