The Opportunities & Challenges Poised to Influence Fleet Operations in 2021

It’s fair to say that the last year has been a challenge for virtually every organization. Fortunately, there’s reason for optimism. As we begin to emerge from the pandemic, many industries and vertical markets are ready to capitalize on significant growth opportunities that now exist as economic conditions improve and continue to gain momentum. So what does this all mean for your business, and how will it impact your fleet operations?

Recently, ARI’s Anthony Foursha spoke with Global Fleet to share his perspective on the North American fleet market and examine a few of the key trends that are poised to create opportunities – and challenges – for fleet operators in 2021 and beyond. Of particular note, Anthony points to the growing number of organizations who are now looking towards leasing as an attractive solution for helping their business maintain financial flexibility as the economy rebounds.

Fleet Opportunities

While historically low interest rates may provide opportunities for a number of organizations, a severely disrupted vehicle supply chain looms as a significant obstacle. Parts and material shortages, production delays, and delivery challenges have created a ripple effect across the automotive industry that fleet operators must now navigate.

Ordering Cycle

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