Unbundled Europe: ARI’s A La Carte Solution

The May/June 2016 issue of FLEETSolutions, the official magazine of NAFA fleet management association, featured an interview with ARI President Chris Conroy who discussed ARI’s approach to fleet management in Europe.

In November 2015, ARI received the prestigious International Fleet Industry Award from Fleet Europe for the unique product offerings it is bringing to market. Conroy said, “Since most fleets (in Europe) are doing business with banks, we focused on providing an offering that didn’t stem from leasing. We targeted the light commercial vehicle segment (among others) knowing we could offer the unbundled components of the service model.” By going in this direction, ARI is able to offer full transparency and provide true data-driven insight into total cost of ownership – something that is not always available from leasing companies.

To read the full article, please click here: Unbunded Europe.