When Does Leasing Make Financial Sense for a Utility Fleet?

Many times, the question “to own or lease vehicles” leaves utility fleet managers wondering which vehicle acquisition strategy makes the most sense. While there may be no clear-cut answer, finding the right leasing applications allow utility fleets to take advantage of cash preservation, improved cash flow and potential tax advantages.

In this article from Utility Fleet Professional, several fleet management company subject matter experts shared their advice for utility fleet managers looking to better leverage leasing into their operation. ARI’s Bill Doman discussed leasing financial flexibility, how leasing can apply to high-use vehicles, and leasing as an option for green fleet initiatives.

“Don’t look at things the way you’ve always done them. There’s a lot of flexibility involved in all the different types of leases available. And look at certain segments of your fleet and explore where it might make sense to put your toe in the water if [leasing] is something you haven’t done before,” Doman advised.

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