Data Integration

Learn how we helped a telecommunications company with 20,000+ vehicles automate its vehicle status and vehicle assignment process.

Fleet Background

Telecommunications company with more than 20,000 vehicles across the country.



This client has a dedicated team within their fleet department whose sole responsibility is to update vehicle statuses and vehicle assignments. Despite the large fleet size, ARI determined that there was an opportunity to leverage technology and data integration to automate this task, which would allow our client to redeploy their human resources to work on other fleet-related objectives. This automation would also improve efficiencies within the department.



In attempt to streamline this process for the client, ARI created and implemented a data feed that would automatically update the vehicle status and assignments into ARI insights without someone on the client’s team having to manually make the update.

Data Feed Helped create much more accurate data for the vehicle status.

3 months Integration being implemented.

$1.6M In savings in just the first 3 months.

Projected Savings/ Benefits and Results to Date

This enhancement not only created notable efficiencies but also gave our customer the ability to reassign their internal resources to new positions within the fleet department. ARI’s data feed also helped create much more accurate data for the vehicle status and assignment fields. Because this data was now so much more accurate and current, the client was able to identify underutilized and unassigned vehicles and sell nearly 600 vehicles from their fleet.

Between the 600 sold vehicles, the increases in efficiency and their internal employee reassignments, our client saw close to $1.6 million in savings in just the first three months of this integration being implemented. This solution will continue to yield savings even after the initial implementation through sustainable efficiencies and improved workflow.


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