Direct Involvement in Used Vehicle Sales or Hands Off? You Make the Call.


Not all the companies using our fleet management services use us for remarketing. Not all companies using us for remarketing are with us for fleet management services. Since no two fleets are alike, their solutions need to be as individualized as their makeup. This one engineering firm can attest to that.


The firm had been taking it upon themselves to sell their used equipment, but they had grown to a point where this was starting to become a distracting challenge for their regionalized teams. They hoped to add efficiency to a decentralized structure without losing too much of the control their locations had established. They also wanted to find a solution that provided more of a safety net than the typical no-reserve policies of many equipment auctions. In other words, they wanted to retain some control and be collaborative while outsourcing this service.


They learned from one of our Remarketing Sales Managers that the ARIEquipmentDirect auction platform is unlike most other options in the market. It provides a flexible, customizable and low cost approach to selling assets with limited risk and no obligations. We established parameters with the firm so they could be hands-on where they wanted to but also step back when they were happy to have us manage the entire process.


With the large buyer base and strong relationships we’ve established, and with our knowledge of assets and market trends, ARIEquipmentDirect has consistently exceeded the firm’s expectations by selling equipment with greater returns at a faster pace and with significantly less workload for their team. Most importantly, with our reserve auction policy, we’re able to deny a high bid that’s not meeting the firm’s expectations and move the unit to another market to find more invested buyers.

Your fleet is an investment. It’s time it paid off