Driver Safety and Accident Management

A specialty provider of fire and security life safety solutions partnered with ARI and saw a 68% reduction in the number of accidents and a savings of $1 million.

Fleet Background

Red Hawk Fire & Security specialized in the design, installation, integration, monitoring and onsite servicing of fire and security life safety solutions. Their teams of industry veterans provide knowledge and expertise to more than 50,000 companies and institutions nationwide.


After experiencing an increase in their accident rates, Red Hawk Fire & Security sought to take action and focus on creating a safer situation for their technicians as they traveled between job sites and those sharing the road with them. They partnered with ARI in order to find a solution that would not only track and report drivers’ on-road activities, but provide proactive and corrective action to reduce the number accidents and their liability costs.


Red Hawk implemented a two-pronged approach. First, they proactively required drivers to complete six mandatory safety modules. The modules are chosen by the fleet manager and focused on subjects ranging from fleet policy to avoiding crashes. Upon completion, the data is transferred to the driver’s yearly performance assessment. Those who score well on the modules are awarded incentives for their continued compliance and success.

Secondly, Red Hawk sought to identify and correct poor driving behavior before an accident ever occurred. Using ARI’s specialized suite of solutions, Red Hawk was able to identify and categorize a driver who might be exhibiting poor driving behavior as high risk. Once this occurs, the fleet administrator is alerted and the driver is assigned training to correct their behavior and to help them learn proper, safe driving techniques. Once the assigned module is completed, the results are sent to the fleet manager to close the loop. The corrective action modules assigned in these instances can include, but are not necessarily limited to aggressive driving, changing lanes, and speed management.

68% Drop in the number of accidents.

$1 million Saved in liability costs.

50% Decrease in the number of claims and the amounts paid in settlements.

Projected Savings/ Benefits and Results to Date

Since partnering with ARI, Red Hawk has seen their liability costs cut by more than $1 million. This is a result of the decrease in the number of preventable accidents as well as a decrease in the cost per incident when they do occur. In year one, Red Hawk’s total claim spend was $349,500 with a total of 74 accidents; by the third quarter of the following year, the claims spend was down to $131,381 with a total of 30 accidents, a decrease of over 50%, both in number of claims filed and the amounts paid in settlements. In addition to these savings, Red Hawk’s drivers have happily embraced the modules and think that they are great reminders on the basics of driving.


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