Technology & Analytics

You can put data to work for your organization and quantify the fleet’s contribution to your business’ overall objectives.


You can leverage ARI's analytical tools to help distill data into decisions:

Data & Reporting

Your fleet generates a monumental amount of data. Without the ability to combine, correlate, and distill it all, your data’s potential value could be lost. You can put ARI’s suite of technology tools, including the ARI insights® platform, to work for your fleet.

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With ARI analytics™, the industry’s most powerful analytics tool, at your fingertips, you can see what’s happening across your fleet and make revenue-driving decisions while controlling costs related to unexpected repairs, driver incidents, and compliance.

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Data Integration

You can collect and consolidate your critical fleet data into a unified view instead of trying to piece together multiple feeds into a single picture. By centralizing your data, you’ll turn disconnected points into meaningful and actionable information.

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With the ability to track vehicle and driver activity in real time, you’ll increase visibility into your fleet operations and make better decisions. You can extract meaningful intelligence and apply it toward efficiency gaps and problem areas like downtime and utilization.

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