Construction Fleets

Your fleet is a critical part of your business and your dynamic jobsite.

How does innovative fleet managment support a superior operation?

Control costs. Increase profits.

Your company wants to offer low bids on job proposals while also maximizing the profit margin. To do that, you need tight control of your costs. That includes having the right vehicles and equipment to do the job effectively and efficiently.

When you’re right, you’re right.

You need vehicles and equipment that not only get the job done right but efficiently, as well. Ensure expenses are properly managed so you remain in the fleet sweet spot and do not cut into the bottom line.

A strong fleet foundation.

Working with ARI, your resources include truck and equipment experts who can help you make decisions on improving utilization, productivity and operating costs so that your company maximizes profits.

There’s a better way

Control your key cost drivers using:

  • Streamlined supply chain management that maximizes fleet productivity
  • Telematics to track vehicle and equipment location and diagnose performance
  • Driver safety training that targets risky behavior
  • Maintenance schedules that account for atypical operating conditions
  • Fuel use and idling time analysis to reduce costs
  • Opportunities to implement sustainable fleet practices

Ready to work

ARI worked with a large energy client to get new vehicles on the job faster and cheaper.

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The Bottom Line

Your construction vehicles and equipment not only get you to a job - they also help you get the job done. Your fleet management practices are an important part of your operations framework.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet