Your vehicles are indispensable tools that help deliver essential services to constituents.

Does your fleet partner help you make the most of your budget dollars?

Serving the public

For government and other public sector fleets, your vehicles are an important part of successful service delivery.  An effective fleet partner provides access to additional resources and helps stretch your budget sensibly. ARI manages more than 200,000 vehicles for governments, police departments, and other public service and first responder agencies. With this level of experience in your world, we have the flexibility to support your contractual processes.

Lowering costs, simplifying administration

A major challenge for government fleets is understanding where your vehicles are, how the fleet is performing, and where budget dollars are being spent. Your operations are beholden to annual budgetary constraints, which means you need to focus on reducing inefficiencies where possible. ARI can review your fleet data for these opportunities.

There’s a better way

Maintain your budget using:

  • Tracking fleet spend through data and analytics
  • Standardizing vehicle specifications to build the right unit for each job
  • Right-sizing analysis to determine ideal fleet size
  • Driver safety programs that reduce liability and decrease operating costs

They saved $500,000

We helped NJ TRANSIT get spending back on track by identifying half a million dollars in maintenance savings in one fiscal year.

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The Bottom Line

Government fleets grapple with a unique set of challenges. We understand your barriers and can help navigate a better course.

I'm ready to elevate my fleet