Let's build fleet value together.

In an industry that spans manufacturing, processing, and agriculture-related operations, your fleet needs to deliver value that’s diverse as your business.

You make it...

Your fleet needs include sales and delivery vehicles as well as equipment. ARI manages nearly 200,000 vehicles for customers engaged in a wide range of manufacturing, processing and agriculture-related operations.

...we’ll help manage it.

Whether you’re moving food, beverages, paper, lumber, pharmaceuticals, building materials, aerospace, or consumer goods, ARI has the expertise to manage all aspects of your fleet operations. You can navigate both asset and operating cost analyses and resulting best practice opportunities with guidance from our experts.

There’s a better way

Build a strategy for fleet improvement using:

  • Acquisition and remarketing planning, including replacement cycling
  • Cost-reduction strategies to align with your budget
  • Telematics solutions to collect actionable data and support driver safety initiatives
  • Fuel cost and idling time analysis

They cut their claim costs by 55%

We helped JTI-Macdonald reduce preventable claims by 65 percent and total claim costs by 55 percent in two years.

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The Bottom Line

Your fleet is a building block of your organization, and we can help you reach your highest potential.

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