We serve a variety of additional industries with complex fleet needs.

Can you better leverage fleet best practices to drive more revenue to your bottom line?

Solutions that work for you

ARI serves a diverse mix of industries and fleet types, including ride sharing, healthcare, retail, finance & insurance, construction, farming, and more. No matter which services or products you deliver, we can drive cost and utilization improvement to your bottom line.

Best driver tools for the job

ARI can help build the right vehicle specifications that consider operating conditions, maximize future remarketing returns, and map out a replacement cycle strategy that aligns with your company’s budget plan.

Targeting cost through data

Do you know what is driving your fleet costs? You can create cost certainty and drive cost reduction using ARI technology, including data integration and real-time reporting, and analytics tools that drill down into spend related to maintenance, fuel, compliance, and driver behavior.

There’s a better way

Control your key cost drivers using these fleet management services:

  • Asset management solutions from acquisition through remarketing
  • Cost-reduction strategies to combat external economic fluctuations
  • Telematics solutions to track vehicle data and support driver safety initiatives
  • Maintenance guidelines that take into account the conditions where your vehicles operate

Driving revenue to all fleet types

ARI has a proven track record of providing fleet management to all industry types with optimizing their operations.

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The Bottom Line

Your fleet is mission-critical to driving revenue for your organization. You need a partner in your corner that understands your daily challenges .

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